10uCards - UMvOSU

$10/square. This is a fundraiser for the 2017 10u Canton Cardinals baseball team. Half the money collected goes to the team for expenses (facilities, tourneys, uniforms...) The other half is available for payout...$125/quarter. Numbers will change each quarter. Game is scheduled for noon on 11/26. Money is due by 5pm on 11/25.

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Trash Talk

Entered by: Fred Terrell Entered on: Thur 11/10 3:24 PM

Can anyone stop Paul Chimento and Dara from winning money!!!

Entered by: E Morano Entered on: Wed 11/16 6:27 PM

You all gonna lose. Just give me your money!

Entered by: Melinda Entered on: Sat 11/26 7:28 AM

How do you get a Michigan fan off your porch??? Pay him for you pizza !!!!