Rudy SB Squares: LII

$5 per square. Payouts: Q1/Q2/Q3=$100 each quarter. Final score payout=$200. Numbers will be drawn at random by this website only after all squares have been picked. *Must pay for squares by game start unless otherwise agreed upon by Game Admin-Rudy otherwise your your squares will be forfeited and you will not be eligible for payouts

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Trash Talk

Entered by: Rudy Entered on: Tue 1/23 9:00 PM

Welcome to this year's squares gentlemen (and ladies).

Entered by: Pigskin Providence Entered on: Sun 1/28 2:35 PM

Im just looking around here to see who's gonna finish second!

Entered by: Rudy Entered on: Sun 1/28 2:41 PM

The patriots lol

Entered by: Jethro Entered on: Mon 1/29 6:34 PM

Good luck suckas

Entered by: Rudy Entered on: Sun 2/4 7:49 PM

Congrats Stingray for the Q1 victory!

Entered by: Rudy Entered on: Sun 2/4 8:20 PM

Congrats Pigskin Providence for Q2 victory!