Most Surprising Super Bowl Winners in Game History


The past couple of years have seen football overpass baseball as the ‘American pastime’, making it the top most played sport in the US. On top of it, there is no denying that football is also the most watched sport on that territory, with a well-deserved emphasis when speaking about the Super Bowl.

This championship is the culmination of a season’s worth of hard work and effort, which makes fans and football enthusiasts all the more excited. As seen on and other top online operators, all this results in an astonishing number of bets and wager amounts, creating one of the most profitable industries. Still, there are no stats of analyses that could prepare football lovers and bettors for the following list of Super Bowl victories.


New York Jets – 1968

There isn’t a football fan in the US that does not have any knowledge about the New York Jets’ amazing year. They won the Super Bowl III, beating the Baltimore Colts with 16-7. What amazed everyone who made predictions at the time is the fact that the Jets hadn’t been able to reach any post-season game. Hence, many books had their banks broken when the Jets not only faced their opponents in the Super Bowl, but also managed to defeat them.


Washington Redskins – 1982

The Super Bowl XVII gave the Washington Redskins a chance to win the championship after a four-decade dry spell, and they definitely used it to the max. They ended the previous season on a fairly low note, which resulted in hiring Joe Gibbs as a new head coach.

Changes in the team and managerial structures soon resulted in significant improvements that couldn’t be stopped even by the new NFL re-arrangements. Namely, the strike at the time forced responsible executives to allow 8 teams from each conference into the playoffs. Even though it meant more games for the Redskins, they won them all right to the Super Bowl opponent – the Miami Dolphins.


Baltimore Ravens – 2000

The story of the Baltimore Ravens is in fact that of the old Cleveland Browns – aside from this move, they had hardly achieved anything else. Still, despite issues in their offensive lines, the Ravens continued to boost one of the most powerful defenses.

To everyone’s surprise, this ultimately resulted in their victory at the Super Bowl XXXV, dominating over their opponents after a long time.

New York Giants – 2007

The Giants’ place in this season’s Super Bowl was largely the work of the recent additions to the team – Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin in 2004. The first two years were rather hard on them, but 2007 saw them do something that hadn’t been done ever before in the NFL since the current format was established back in 1990.

The Giants brought a loss onto the ‘unbeatable’ NFC No. 1 seed team, Dallas at the time, and continued to win the NFC championship against the Packers. They dealt the ultimate blow to New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, winning 17-14.