VRS Super Bowl Pool

The last quarter will not be the last winner. The winner will be the final score

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Trash Talk

Entered by: Dirtyduxe Entered on: Sun 2/5 3:10 PM


Entered by: Nan Entered on: Sun 2/5 3:41 PM

Bring it on - GO FALCONS!!!! Good Luck to all!!

Entered by: BD7 Entered on: Sun 2/5 5:29 PM

Nan - hate to break the bad news to you.. In approximately 3hrs, there will Falcon shit and feathers spread all over Houston. The Pats are going Pluck the shit out of the Falcons. We have already sent you a complimentary box of Kleenex to your house and to your work address, as I know you will continue to shed alligator tears through Monday........

Entered by: Dirtyduxe Entered on: Sun 2/5 6:55 PM

You got nothing Brady. How do those tail feathers smell pretty boy!