$55 a square. Payouts: Qtr1, 2 & 3 - $1K, End of Game - $2K. Send payment to: Adam Blumenfeld, 5663 Balboa Avenue Suite 437, San Diego, CA 92111. Paypal: adamb@wiseguytech.com / Venmo: @Adam-Blumenfeld Add $3 per square for Paypal/Venmo. Do NOT mention anything that sounds like gambling.

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Trash Talk

Entered by: Fooosball Entered on: Tue 1/9 8:51 AM

The Teal is Real ! Sacksonville ! - well hell I had to pick a team since the Chargers split town, so I picked the Jags - they have a chance - better than the chance I have to win the pool! Go Jags! and don't forget what Mama says "Fooosball is the Devils game" !

Entered by: Fooosball Entered on: Sat 1/27 11:34 AM

Ahem.....well the teal ain't for real, got down to 2:48 seconds with the lead...I know all my Patsfan friends were nervous Here...they prevailed, again...good luck if your team made it....I used to work for one of the teams, but can't Decide who I want to see win it all?