BLISSMAN 2019-50

50 per square 1st and 3rd quarter 900 each 2nd and 4th 1200 each Reverse score for each quarter 50, NO OVERTIME numbers change every quarter 575 to be split with all adjacent touching squares no diagonals, PayPal to need: square name and pool name

Next year, consider running your pick-all pool online. Try if for free: Football Pool Page

For a video tutorial on, click here: How to use video If you can, please "like" this youtube video (even if you don't watch the whole thing: it's pretty boring), so that we can attract more game runners and keep the website going

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Next year, consider running your regular Office Fooball pool online! It makes the whole thing a LOT more fun. We handle NFL pools, college football pools, suicide pools, et. al. You can do that here:
Run your regular office football pool online at

Trash Talk

Entered by: Brian Musil Entered on: Wed 1/30 3:13 PM

You guys are going down!