Payout is $125 per quarter NO overtime - 4th quarter score is the end of the pool

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Entered by: SEXY67! Entered on: Thu 2/9 4:00 AM

Alright, I'm in it to win it ALL! Cheap O's

Entered by: CaliPrettyGirlsRock Entered on: Sat 2/11 10:59 PM

All that cheating Big Mama did and didn't even get good numbers LMAO!!!!!

Entered by: JlB Entered on: Sun 2/12 7:27 PM

So Big momma won the first half right???

Entered by: djb Entered on: Sun 2/12 9:05 PM

Big Mama on the $10 and Cali on the $5.

Entered by: DJB Entered on: Sun 2/12 9:07 PM

Sexy67! on both sheets for the 2nd quarter.

Entered by: CaliPrettyGirlsRock Entered on: Sun 2/12 9:30 PM

Sexy67! Let me hold some money, you winning big!!!

Entered by: Jlb Entered on: Sun 2/12 11:49 PM

Sooo the Fam in Cali won all our money!!! That's why they wanted use to pick the majority of the squares... Lol well done, well done...