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Trash Talk

Entered by: Nick Entered on: Tue 2/2 1:17 PM

I don't know how you trash talk Superbowl squares but I love that it is an option!! You all are soooooo going to choose the wrong squares!!! 😝

Entered by: OGRicker Entered on: Wed 2/3 4:16 PM

If I lose, I want a recount.

Entered by: No toss no fluff Entered on: Wed 2/3 5:16 PM

I'm taking you losers down! Gypsies rule!

Entered by: Glennifer Entered on: Fri 2/5 3:21 PM

Guess who just got her first unemployment check today! Letís get wild. Lol

Entered by: No toss no fluff Entered on: Mon 2/8 3:13 AM

Eat shit Tanner! Or congrats, whatevs.