Olivia's DC Board

Thank you for supporting me with my fundraiser to pay for my trip to Washington DC. I am very excited to travel to our Nation's Capital and very fortunate to be given this opportunity. If you have any trouble picking a square please call me at 406.876.3389. Again, I appreciate your donation and wish you the best of luck. Thanks!

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Trash Talk

Entered by: Olivia Entered on: Sun 2/3 8:13 PM

Wow, what a first half - The 1st quarter was won by a sponsored square and the second square Mike and Jessica Parnell on. Congratulations!! Good Luck on the second half of the game- remember the fourth Quarter pays put $200!! :)

Entered by: Olivia Entered on: Sun 2/3 8:16 PM

Mike and Jessica Parnell are the 2nd quarter winners!! :)

Entered by: Olivia Entered on: Sun 2/3 10:10 PM

Big second half winners Terry and Kathy took the 3rd quarter $50 payout. Holly Bidon is the big $200 - 4th Quarter winner. Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone for participating in my 2019 Super Bowl Board. Washington DC - here I come!!