Stuper Bowl

Please let me know ASAP whoís doing it so I can tell you how many squares. Iím not going chase anyone. George, invite Geneva & that should be her name. Let me know your names.

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Trash Talk

Entered by: Oat Entered on: Tue 1/29 9:54 PM


Entered by: Mom Jobs Entered on: Wed 1/30 6:07 PM

Get Oat - have done oatmeal. Ima win this. Lol. I didnít even see the bottom few rows of the boxes. Lmao 🤣

Entered by: Mom Jobs Entered on: Wed 1/30 6:08 PM

Wow the autocorrect is strong on that. Go get some oatmeal.

Entered by: Mom jobs Entered on: Fri 2/1 4:45 PM

I know none of you are going to read this, so Iíll have to send a text, but pick kick off times.