Score Changing SB 21

This is a payout friendly game. Payouts listed are not correct. Payout will be base on total scores and will be percent (%) Straight and Reverse Text me for payout and pool rules if you do not have this.

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Entered by: Stella puppy Entered on: Sat 2/6 12:19 PM

I will bite everyone if I don't win! ha ha hahah haha 6lbs of mostly hair monster!

Entered by: IRISH FAN! Entered on: Sun 2/7 9:37 AM

Hello and welcome everyone! We are fully paid up. Only had to delete one participate that had two picks. Sorry this took awhile. Next year I will email you all a few weeks before. Now that I have a membership it will be much easier. I should have done this before putting my own excel sheet together LOL Theirs don't have places for phone numbers so mine is better lol Please review payout: Approximate payout for each quarter will depend on the total the teams scores! Reverse will be .25% of $2,400 = $600.00 total payout for duration of game. Straight will be 75% of $2,400 =$1,800 total payout for duration of game. Examples: EXAMPLE: If there are 20 total scores If there are 25 total scores Straight will pay $90 each Straight will pay $72 each Reverse will pay $30 each Reverse will pay $24 each Payout will be rounded down to the nearest dollar! Example is payout is $52,34 payout with only be $52.00 Obvious we will not know the overall payout until the end of the game. Sort of a bittersweet with a high scoring game, less payout however, more people will win! Note score even change with the extra point! All score changes. Next time we will not have a reverse unless we make the pool $50? I was in one of these at $100 with much bigger payout yet a bit expensive for me. Good Luck all

Entered by: JHudson Entered on: Sun 2/7 11:22 AM

Stella my cat will eat you!