New site = new rules! In this one your assigned #'s change each quarter. This way you don't get crap #'s for the whole game. Can't get around players needing e-mail addresses (If somebody doesn't like that then somebody else can buy the square for them and sell it to them)

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Trash Talk

Entered by: Logan Entered on: Thu 1/28 1:41 PM

Your gonna lose so bad you'll look like Melvin Capital

Entered by: Jed (for Jack) Entered on: Thu 1/28 3:13 PM

I see Logan, though still young, has already got his Godsey-style "jokes" in fine form.

Entered by: Tom Godsey Entered on: Fri 2/5 2:36 PM

Coffee grounds. Egg shells. How is that for trash talk?

Entered by: Tom Godsey Entered on: Sun 2/7 4:43 PM

Its 1:42 and only sold 80 squares. So i'm buying up the last 20 squares so I can generate the random numbers. GL All!